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About Us

Our ultimate goal is to not only provide YOU - our clients with long lasting, quality images, but to establish a level of trust and to help you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your experience. It is important to us to have you be a part of the entire creative process; we want to work with you rather than for you. We want to make it a fun and interactive experience with the hope of creating an even better and more meaningful final product!

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Our Story

     Here at J Sewell Photography, we acknowledge that you are putting your trust in our hands to provide a service that requires time, skill, patience, and professionalism. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and comfortable environment while prioritizing exceptional customer service and communication to ensure that each client is both satisfied and heard throughout their experience. We strive to make each experience as unique as possible by developing a connection through communication and establishing a comfort level between artist and client. We understand that in some cases, there are particular sessions that can be quite difficult or vulnerable for our clients and we will always take the extra time necessary to accommodate and consider the needs of our clients during these more emotional sessions. Although you are choosing to hire us to provide a service, we know that you are a person/people too and at the end of the day, we want to ensure that you are supported throughout your experience with us and work with you to create the best possible images we can.

     We have received many kind and even emotional client testimonials since we were founded in 2019 and we work very hard to ensure that each experience working with us is a positive one. Our goal is to help our clients feel something when they see their final images whether that's happy, empowered, confident, etc. There is something so magical about getting to see or hear the reaction of our clients when they've received their images; especially when we get the opportunity to emotionally connect with them one on one about their images. We are so grateful for each opportunity and special moment shared throughout the process and thank you kindly for all of your support, and if you're new here - for your interest in our services! We look forward to getting to create some magic with you!

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